Concept2 Holiday Challenge 2019

It’s the 20th anniversary of the Holiday Challenge! Row, ski or ride 100k or 200k meters between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and help raise money for one of five great charities.

7 Ways to Plug Into Rowing Workouts

Some days, it helps not to be laser-focused on your Performance Monitor data so you can better enjoy your row. While it can be fun to zone out to your favorite Netflix instead of chasing PRs, consider trying a coached workout.

7 Advantages of Working Out in a Group on Concept2 ergs

This article was first published in the Fall 1995 “Ergo Update.” Whether you row with a partner or a large class, group workouts can improve your fitness. If you don't have a partner to row with in person, consider sharing your workouts with an online logbook Training Partner or join a Challenge Team.

How to Use an Erg to Get Faster!

If your goal is to improve your fitness, achieve a new PR (personal record) or break a world record, the erg will not just measure that accomplishment, it will help you achieve it.