Strength training with Exxentric flywheel and accessories

Increase your strength training effectiveness with Exxentric products from our range.

Flywheel Training

Whether your goal is to get an edge on your athletic performance, prevent or rehabilitate an injury or improve your general health and fitness, flywheel training with Exxentric gives you a number of advantages.

What Makes Flywheel Training Unique

Increases your strength training effectiveness

It increases the effectiveness by applying the inertia of a flywheel instead of simple gravity to create optimal resistance.

Improves performance & rehab

It improves the efficiency of training programs while lowering the total costs as compared to alternatives.

Strength & Health Benefits

Standard and advanced training methods

Exxentric gives you opportunities to perform effective standard exercises as well as advanced methods for eccentric, concentric and isometric training.

Advantages over traditional training

The resistance is variable and unlimited. Eccentric overload can easily be achieved as well as mobility, ergonomic and economy.

Designed for Multiple Applications

Exxentric products are being used by athletes and therapists for a wide range of flywheel training applications. From its initial break-through in performance sports to recent years, personal trainers have discovered what flywheel training and Exxentric products investment can do for businesses in Health & Fitness.