Indoor rowing - the ideal exercise in winter

Indoor Rowing – was at first used by the rowers for their training. It then expanded into fitness centers and homes and became an independent sport discipline. World Indoor Rowing Championship C.R.A.S.H.-B takes place every year in Boston, USA on Concept2 rowing machines. Not only professional but also amateur athletes and handicapped athletes can participate.

The European Indoor Rowing Championships for 2018 took place in Amsterdam on 9th December 2017. An excellent example is the success of our blind rower Milan Lackovič, who showed everyone a thrilling duel with the Polish Krzysztof Pikulski, who held the top spot throughout the race. For the last 100 meters Milan had more strength and overtaken him. He finished in 1st place with time 06: 35,0.

The Concept2 indoor rower is truly an exceptional machine to keep fit or to prepare for other sports, especially in winter when conditions outside are poor. The exercise on it is smooth, without impact. The machine saves musculoskeletal system and joints, so it is also recommended for weight loss and rehabilitation. During exercise, the heart is optimally loaded and the lung capacity increases.

Rowing on the ergometer engages the whole body, so higher energy expenditure and significantly more fun compared to the one-sided activities. Time goes by very fast when you row on it! And this is crucial for most people - to choose exercise that they enjoy at least a little so they stick to it long enough and to have the expected effect from it.

The PM performance monitor of the rowing machine, which measures calories, time and also number of strokes, provides feedback on exercise intensity. You can also monitor your heart rate via a wireless chest strap.

Whether you are 9 or 90 years old, fit or not, rowing on the indoor rower offers you a fantastic exercise opportunity to achieve your fitness goals at any age!

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