European Indoor Rowing Championships ERIC and EURO OPEN 2017

These championships took place at Charlety Stadium in Paris on 4.2.2017. Our country was represented by former speed canoeist Anton Grassl and two visually impaired athletes Milan Lackovič and Vladimír Hraško.

Anton Grassl, a two-time bronze medalist from the World Championship, has already become a triple European champion in the category Men Veterans, 30 - 39 years, heavy weight in the 2000 m endurance race with a time of 06: 07,3. He won this victory among 46 competitors.

Milan Lackovič, triple European champion, finished second in the LTA Men category in the 1000 m race with a time of 03: 03,8. Compared to last year he improved his time by 3 hundredths (his previous year´s result was 03: 04,1).

Vladimír Hraško took part in the European Indoor Rowing Championships for the first time in the 1000 m LTA Men category. With a time of 03: 19,0 he finished in a ninth place out of 31 competitors.

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