CrossFit REDOUBT SUMMER Team Challenge 2015

On Sunday 9th August 2015, CrossFit athletes participated at the CrossFit REDOUBT SUMMER Team Challenge 2015 competition at the Emil Tatárik swimming pool in Nové Zámky. There were 42 mixed teams consisting of two men and two women.

All crossfit athletes regardless of their performance could participate, not only the elite teams but also the beginners. They attended a full day marathon of gymnastics, weightlifting, athletics, swimming, indoor rowing and other activities that are combined in this sport uncompromisingly.

The event was organized by Michal Kiss from CrossFit Redoubt Gym, Nové Zámky. All racers first completed the first four WODs, 18 teams advanced to the semifinals and 6 best teams to the finals.

The winner was the Brno´s New Park team led by Michal Merganič.

The best teams of the CrossFit Redoubt Summer Challenge 2015

Ranking Team

New Park

(Michal Merganič, Matěj Vránek, Veronika Šimková, Darina Sedláková)


Crossgym United

(Milan Mičuda, Lenka Adamíková, Maria Luliakova, Juro Cermo)


CF Power House Brno

(Filip Trojovský, Michal Velkov, Mirka Zemanová, Markéta Tarasová)

The winners of the challenge shared between themselves the prize of 1000 euros.


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