Anton Grassl´s Victory in Olomouc

22nd International Indoor Rowing Championship of Czech Republic was held on 14th February 2015 in Olomouc. The organizer of this event was the local rowing club VK Olomouc.

Slovakia was represented by trio of competitors at these races. Anton Grassl (Komárno) competed in the Men category, Matej Šmída (VK Sĺňava Piešťany) in the Men lightweight category and Miroslav Herzán (SVK Bratislava) in the category Men's masters 50-59.

Anton Grassl managed the 2 000 m distance race in an incredible time 5:44,0 and finished in the 1st place. Miroslav Herzán, who won the first place in his category with a time 6:40,1, did equally well. Matej Šmída with time 6:22,4 finished in the 8th place.

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