Exxentric kPulley2 Advanced System

The kPulley2 is the second generation flywheel training solution enabling users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb exercises.

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It also comes with a built-in kMeter II feedback system for realtime results and a progress overview in the long run. The inertia capacity of the kPulley2 goes up to 0.140 kgm² or two Extra Large Flywheels.

kPulley2 Advanced System

The kPulley2 Advanced System opens up the range of exercises you can perform with a multitude of accessories included. The accessible inertia levels with this system are in the range between 0.010 kgm² and 0.075 kgm².

Exxentric kPulley2 Device - Midnight blue/Anodic brown

Exxentric kMeter II

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.010 kgm2

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.025 kgm2

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.050 kgm2

Exxentric kGrips

Exxentric kBar

Exxentric Hip Belt - Standard/Small

Exxentric Ankle Cuffs

Exxentric Rotational Sling