Concept2 oars

Concept2 oars are the most popular oars among top athletes around the world. They are also the most successful oars which is supported by the fact that at the Olympics 2016 in RIO  the rowers with Concept2 oars gained 11 medals and with other brands 7 medals altogether. 75% of all competitors at the World championship in 2014 used Concept2 oars and 90% of gold medalist in sweeps disciplines at the World championship in 2014, won with the Concept2 oars. Concept2 oars quality is guaranteed thanks to a 40-year old tradition of production and design innovation. Concept2 company celebrates 40 years of existence just this year.

Concept2 oars are custom made according to the parameters that you specify in your order. When ordering, sculls or sweeps you can choose your preferred type of blade, length and stiffness of oars, the type of carbon shaft,  size and material of the handle oars or pitch degree. More detailed information can be found below. Given that the oars are made according to individual needs of customers, the delivery time is about 4 weeks.

Choosing oar components

When ordering oars it is necessary to specify these details:

1. blade type

2. carbon shaft type

3. oar length and stiffness

4. grip and handle

5. pitch degree

1. Blade type

  • Fat2 - most recent design and incorporates all of the innovations. It is the Concept2 most efficient blade.
  • Smoothie2 Vortex Edge - incorporates many of the innovations of the Fat2 but with a slightly smaller surface area.
  • Smoothie2 Plain Edge - introduced after Big Blade, it offers less slip than the Big Blade and stays consistently loaded throughout the drive.
  • Big Blade - developed in the 1990s. Unless you have very specific reasons for choosing the Big Blade, we recommend considering one of our more advanced blades.
  • Macon Blade - is the traditional tulip blade of the 1960s.

Blades colour options

The standard colour of  blades is white. For additional charge it is possible to order blades in different colour. 

RAL colour chart:

2. Carbon shaft type

Shaft construction:

  • Ultralight (lightweight and durable) - for sculls and sweeps
  • Skinny (small diameter) - for sculls and sweeps
  • Low i (low inertia) - only for sculls

Shaft stiffness:

  • soft
  • medium
  • hard

3. Oar length

Apart from the lengths shown below you can also choose a fixed length or other adjustable length range.


Range Fat 2 Smoothie2 or Big Blade
Short 362 - 367 cm 367 - 372 cm
Medium 365 - 370 cm 370 - 375 cm
Long 368 - 373 cm 373 - 378 cm


Range Fat 2 Smoothie2 or Big Blade
Short 275 - 280 cm 281 - 286 cm
Medium 278 - 283 cm 284 - 289 cm
Long 280 - 285 cm 287 - 292 cm

4. Oar grip and handle

First you choose the handle and then suitable grip option. 


  • composite - either with fixed length (not available for Skinny shaft) or with adjustable length
  • wooden


The grip options available to you depend on the shaft and handle you choose.

  • azur blue rubber (for all handle types)
  • ice blue rubber (for all handle types)
  • black rubber (for all handle types)

  • smooth green rubber (for composite ajustable handle)
  • blue cellular foam (for composite ajustable handle)
  • microfibere suede (for composite ajustable handle)
  • wooden  (for composite ajustable handle)